Giving choice to the people, Koufuku International Limited (KIL) has launched its new product, Savour Bhutan, the Ema Datshi cheese in the market.

The first local block cheese produced at Chenary in Trashigang is a blend of Gouda and cheddar cheese. KIL did a market trial on April 19 and received positive feedback from the local market, according to officials.

Chief executive officer (CEO) Ugyen Dendup said, the processed cheese is vegetarian. “While manufacturing, we use microfiche rennet derived from plants,” he said.

While processing the cheese, he said, KIL uses some ingredients to give taste. “ But we are trying to make it natural as possible.”

He said people are today consuming more imported cheese. “If the company can substitute imported cheese, it will benefit the economy and farmers.”

During the trial, he claimed that demand was high, which the company was unable to meet.

One of the consumers is Dejung Resort. Its proprietor Kuenga said, the product is better than imported cheese and tourists prefer local products. “It is presentable and the price is also reasonable compared to imported cheese.”

It costs Nu. 435 for a block weighing 1kg. The imported cheese costs Nu 450 in Trashagang town.

Yeshi Zangmo, 40, who run a business in Trashigang said, she recently bought eight cartoons of savor Bhutan cheese and sold two cartoons immediately. “It is cheaper than others, tasty and produce less oil while cooking,” she said.

She said, every month, she imported more 100 cartoon of cheese. “It can save our money, if KIL produces more processed cheese.”

A restaurant owner, Tshering Dorji said, he is planning to replace imported cheese with locally processed cheese.  “I heard it is good and tasty.”

CEO Ugyen Dendup said, KIL is planning to sign a memorandum of understanding with Food Corporation of Bhutan Limited and Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation Limited for outlets to sell the products.

Neten Dorji | Trashigang