Outbreak: Decheling Lower Secondary School (DLSS) reported 13 cases of chickenpox among students yesterday.

The basic health unit (BHU) in Decheling has been getting a number of chickenpox cases among the students studying in the school since December last year.

Until the first week of March, some 141 reported to the BHU with chickenpox.

At least 12 students complained of the disease every day and were either sent to BHU or home, said Tshegyal Dawa, the school’s principal.

“Almost half of the students in the school have missed their classes for more than a week because we sent them home,” Tshegyal Dawa said. “We had to take necessary precautions.”

The principal said that the first case of chickenpox was detected in the school right after the school reopened in February.

“The school is monitoring personal sanitation and hygiene. And we conduct advocacy sessions with health assistant,” said Tshegyal Dawa.

However, the health assistant, Ugyen Tshering, said that almost 60 percent of the cases have been successfully attended to.

People have been informed about the outbreak of the disease.

“Our main worry is that other students may get affected,” said Tshegyal Dawa .

Nganglam high school has reported 12 chickenpox cases and affected students have been sent home.

Yangchen C Rinzin, Nganglam