KP Sharma

Zhemgang Central School management has reprimanded its warden for physically assaulting a class eight student over a minor issue last week. The incident took place during lunch and officials claimed that the case was resolved internally.

The case was not reported to the police because “the hospital ruled out any injuries and there was insufficient evidence for a police investigation.” 

According to the student, the warden “slapped and punched him and hit him three times with a pipe on his back”.

However, the student alleged that the warden had assaulted him in front of others which traumatised him.

It was learnt that the warden resorted to such assault after a group of boys failed to maintain decorum in the dining hall when he was making an announcement.

Chief Dzongkhag Education Officer of Zhemgang told Kuensel that incidents of such nature, involving minor cases may occasionally arise in schools under various circumstances.

She said that the dzongkhag administration does not tolerate such practices in schools. “The school has already reprimanded the warden and if similar incidents are reported again, we would obviously take action against those responsible.”

The official further said that if the person had caused serious injuries to students, the hospital would directly refer the case to the police, leaving no room for favouritism or protection of those accused.

She said that despite resolving the issue internally with the parents and other parties involved, it resurfaced again in a social media group.

The official also reached out to the students to provide necessary emotional support. 

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a teacher involved in a similar case in one of the schools in Dagana had been sentenced to three months in prison a week ago.