Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Out of the four schools in Bumthang that are operating in self-containment mode, three provide heating facilities to students, school authorities claimed.

About 593 Class X and XII students are studying in self-containment mode in Jakar Higher Secondary School, Tang, Ura and Chumey Central Schools.

Bumthang dzongkhag is one of the coldest dzongkhags in the country and the dzongkhag receives snowfall every year.

Tang Central School could not provide heating facilities, but students are allowed to wear jackets and gloves in the classrooms, the school authority said.

There are 74 students studying in Tang Central School since January 14.

According to the principal, Namgay Tshering, they conduct contact teaching only when the weather is warmer. “If it is cold, students are allowed to stay in the hostels. We provide hot water from the kitchen to drink.”

Ura Central School is considered the coldest school in Bumthang.

According to the principal, Lhawang Norbu, they installed bukharis in classrooms and heaters in hostels. “We also have hot water dispensers and provide hot water from the kitchen.”

In Jakar Higher Secondary School, where 408 students are studying in self-containment mode, there are geysers in hostels and heaters in classrooms.

The principal, Nawang Jamtsho, said students are provided with warm water to wash their hands and a water dispenser for drinking water. “When there is snowfall, we allow the students to study in the hostels.

In Chumey Central School, there are heaters in classrooms.

The school provides hot water from the kitchen for drinking purpose, and they provide firewood and pots to heat water for students to use to bathe.