Chencho Dema | Punakha

The 24 School Sports Instructors (SSIs) from across the country, including the four thromdes, are participating in an aerobics course in Punakha.

The training session which began on December 4 will conclude today.  It is in preparation to introduce it in schools beginning this academic year.

Conducted by Gokab trainer, the training is expected to train the instructors on fundamentals of aerobics (fitness dance) so that they can promote the same in the schools.

According to Nima Gyeltshen, Chief Sports Coordinator of Scout and Sport Division, Department of Education Programmes under the Ministry of Education and Skill, aerobics unlike other sports is gender neutral, inexpensive, and can be easily organised individually or in groups.

“There is no need for equipment or big infrastructure and in fact, we plan to organise aerobics competitions among schools and at the national level,” he said.

He said that aerobics, which is a dance form of physical activity, not only helps physical development but also emotional wellbeing as the individuals take part in physical activities by listening to their favourite songs and music.

The eight-day training session is funded by JICA.