Missing: Relatives of a 29-year old who went missing on May 31 have called off the search after a search team of about 100 people were involved in the search for days.

The man, working as a manager with a stone quarry in Wangdue, was on his to Laya from Gasa. After his disappearance, relatives and villagers searched for him for four days. They then informed the dzongkhag who coordinated a search team of about 100 people including the staff of dzongkhag administration, monks of the Gasa rabdey, police, Desuups, other officials, villagers and relatives then searched for him until June 11.

Official sources said two Layap boys returning from college in India accompanied the man. The three were said to have travelled together till the end of a farm road construction from Gasa to Laya, from where the missing person told them to go ahead as he wanted to rest.

Officials said the two have almost reached more than half way where their parents came to receive them. The two told the parents to wait for the missing man whom they believed was following them. When the wait extended and there was no sign of him coming, they left for Laya, informed villagers and started searching.

On Thursday evening, the father called off the search. Meanwhile, he had consulted an astrologer and is keeping his hopes alive as the astrologer had told him that he would find his son alive within the next few days.

By Dawa Gyelmo, Wangdue