Update: Despite a rigorous search along the river Gamri and Drangmechu by a team comprising of policemen and volunteers yesterday, the two missing bodies of a five year-old girl and a 35 year-old driver of the Riju accident, were not recovered.

The search began from Riju until Rolong while villagers of Udzorong also initiated another search within probable areas near their villages. The search will continue today.

Six people were killed on May 17 when a Bolero they were travelling in veered off the road and fell about 1,000 feet into river Gamri. A lone woman survived the accident and was immediately referred to the regional hospital in Mongar. She is reported to be in stable condition.

Police suspect that the driver was inexperienced and had no driving license. Eyewitnesses claimed that the driver lost control of the Bolero when he was trying to overtake a vehicle on one of the bends near Riju.

“The possibilities of recovering the bodies look slim because the river is too muddy, which makes it difficult for us to see through,” a police official said.

Of the six deceased, five were adults (four males and a female) and a minor.

By Tshering Wangdi, Trashigang