Search is still on for the suspect involved in a burglary incident earlier this month.

On December 1, a couple residing in lower market area were robbed off Nu 75,000 from their two-storied traditional house in town. The incident, according to them, took place between 7-8:30pm.

The case was reported to police after a suspect was caught on CCTV camera footage.

However, it was learnt that given the distance between the camera and the house, the face of the suspect could not be identified.

One of the victims, Karma, said that although the face was not clearly revealed in the footage, she suspected one of the town residents to be the burglar.

“I saw the suspect and another person loitering near my bedroom window in the afternoon of the burglary,” said the 56-year-old. “I was counting the money in my locker when I felt someone watching from behind. I saw those two persons.”

Kuensel learnt that police questioned the alleged suspect, but he claimed he was with some other people at the time of the burglary.

The case is under investigation.

Another victim, Wangchuk, said they have a strong reason to believe that the suspected individual is the culprit. “From the physical appearance that was caught on the footage, we believe he is the culprit.”

He added that some random person would not break into the room and take the cash unexpectedly. “In the past, we used to be away for months and no such incidences happened,” he said. “Someone who had already seen the money in the locker could have stolen the money. Our suspect was there when my wife was checking the money the same day.”

The culprit had entered the bedroom of the couple after cutting through the wire mesh on the window.

The house is located adjacent to the flood protection wall opposite the underground parking, which is fitted with some eight CCTV cameras.

“Had the cameras been focused outside, it would have been easier to nab the thief,” said another resident.

Thromde thuemi Thinley Namgay, said that the existing CCTV cameras were fitted to ensure safe parking at the newly constructed double storey parking lot. “We had initially planned to install cameras on the top of the parking but the June 22 flood had washed away all the connections we installed.”

He said that residents, despite numerous reminders, fail to put on lights around their houses. “We have streetlights in the front but behind the houses, the area remains dark enabling buglers to capitalise on the situation.”

Thinley Namgay said he would propose a budget to install additional CCTV cameras in the core area to ensure safety and also monitor dumping of garbage in the Mithimdrang stream.

Meanwhile, a senior resident, Sangay, said that the town has not reported burglary incidences in the last few years.

“With several developmental activities around we see a lot of new faces today,” he said. “Although there are police patrolling the area at night, we need to be vigilant ourselves.”

Younten Tshedup  | Trashigang