The second Korean Film Festival 2017 started yesterday in Thimphu with the screening of the movie ‘Assassination’ at the city’s Lugar Theatre.

Korean film festival is observed as a part of a yearlong series of events celebrating 30th anniversary of diplomatic relation between Republic of Korea and Bhutan.

The first Korean Film Festival was held in June this year. The event screened 10 popular films in five cinema halls for three consecutive days from June 9 to 11.

The second festival will screen 10 Korean films in two theatres, City Cinema and Ninda Bioscope for 10 days. Interested people can watch the movies for free from September 22 to October 2.

The films screened would be Assassination, A violent Prosecutor, War of the Arrows, Ode to my Father, The Himalayas, Train to Busan, Veteran, Master, Tunnel, and Dongju.

Ambassador of Korea to Bhutan, Ahn Seong-doo expressed his joy for being able to experience the two countries’ music, dance, food, and custom. “2017 is a truly momentous year in the sense that it not only lets us celebrate the 30th anniversary but we can also be united together in the name of culture.”

He said that although Bhutanese’s love for Korean culture is growing, many Korean tourists are also curious about Bhutan. “This is reflected in the number of Korean tourists who visit Bhutan. More than 5,000 Korean tourists have visited Bhutan this year seeking to explore more of this country.”

The beauty of cultural interaction, he said, is the human nature inclined to share empathy and sympathy through culture. “Culture makes people understand each other better, and once they understand each other’s values, everything will be much easier to overcome.”

Information and Communications Minister DN Dhungyel said 2017 is a special moment in the history of relationship between governments of Bhutan and the Republic of Korea, as it marks three decades of diplomatic relation since September 24, 1987. “Throughout the record of our diplomatic history, our relationship has been guided by trust, goodwill, and respect for each other, consolidated by things cultural.”

In Bhutan’s quest for socioeconomic development, he said the government of Republic of Korea has always been generous, extending support and assistance to Bhutan’s development endeavours.

He said that Bhutanese viewers, producers and directors are keen about Korean films.

Executive director of Bhutan Film Association, Yeshi Dorji, said the different events would provide a good opportunity for Bhutanese to enjoy and share Korean food, music, film, and culture. “It is an occasion to deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples to share the similar culture and tradition.”

The arrangements for the festival are made by Bhutan Film Association (BFA) and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) alumni Bhutan.

As part of the celebration, Korea and Bhutan Friendship Concert will also be held in Clock Tower Square on September 24 at 6:30 PM.

Karma Cheki