Chencho Dema| Wangduephodrang

Wangdue police detained a man from Sephu on April 3 in the alleged murder investigation of a 34-year-old man whose body was found in a roadside drain early on February 9.

The deceased had wounds between his hands, and bruises on his left knee, as well as his forehead.

Police received information about the suspect from sources, and they were able to apprehend the 25-year-old in his village.

Since the deceased and the suspect were from the same village, they knew each other.

Despite confessing to the crime, the suspect has not stated his true motive for murdering the victim.

He claimed that the deceased had provoked him. The drunk victim then obstructed the suspect’s path by standing in the middle of the road as he was returning home from Chazam, where he had gone for shopping.

The suspect and the victim then started fighting. The deceased was killed by a pataa (knife) which was struck in the throat.

According to the police, the incident had taken place between 8 and 9PM at night.

The police are currently awaiting the DNA blood sample report of the first suspect, who was apprehended the day after the victim’s body was found, that they had already sent to the police headquarter.

Meanwhile, the suspect who was arrested and detained earlier after the body of the victim was found has not admitted to the crime.

Superintendent of Police Colonel Sonam Goenzing said that he was the  prime suspect. “He was detained because he was the last person the deceased was with before he was discovered dead,” he said.

After work on the evening of February 8, the deceased and the suspect drove to drink at a bar near Chazam.

What transpired after that is unknown. The body of the deceased was found the next morning.

The deceased is survived by his wife and three children.