The issue of miscreants robbing factories and workers in the estate was discussed yesterday

Safety: Miscreants from across the border have robbed factory workers along the southern belt of Pasakha industrial estate several times, the Association of Bhutanese Industries (ABI) officials confirmed.

At a meeting the association organised to bring the factory security officials and Pasakha police officials together yesterday, ABI general secretary Jochu Thinley said complaints from industries regarding security issues have come up recently.

“The border is porous and uninvited guests from across the border with weapons are creating problems,” he said, explaining there were cases of cash and mobile phones being snatched. “Some are also stealing industrial goods.”

It was learnt that the miscreants would come in groups equipped with weapons.

Security officials were worried when the miscreants started showing up in broad daylight. In some cases, Indian truckers who went to secluded place to get mobile network were also robbed.

As an interim measure, the association and Pasakha police will take the lead, Jochu Thinley said, by intensifying patrolling in the industrial estate. The security officials also instructed the industries to clear the surrounding bushes.

During the meeting, the association also requested the lower belt industries to install two flashlights each. It was decided that nomination from all industries to volunteer for security coordination committee be made with the police to work closely. Some security officers also volunteered to coordinate with the police team.

“This needs to addressed immediately,” the general secretary said.

Although officials did not share any particular accounts and figures of cases reported, it was learnt that such menaces started occurring in the last few months and became regular lately.

The industrial taskforce, which also looks at the security issues at the estate, would also mobilise resources. Police personnel also requested the industries to report any incidents to police.

A chief executive officer with one of the establishments along the affected belt told Kuensel that his security officials had reported miscreants entering the factory premises off late.

“Although it may be not a big issue, we want to remain proactive before something worse happens,” he said.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing