ACC: Seized goods worth Nu 15.15 million (M) as per the market price were auctioned yesterday in Phuentsholing. One of the only three participants, KC store bid Nu 5.683M to buy the entire goods in auction.

This is the third phase auction of goods the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) seized in its investigation related to tax evasion and other related corrupt activities in Phuentsholing.

Unlike the two auctions earlier this month, the bidding price started with 65 percent discount allowed this time. The worth of the entire goods stood at Nu 5.682M.

The winner would have to pay 40 percent of the total amount within 24 hours of winning the bid, while the remaining 30 percent each was supposed to be paid in the next 15 days and in a month’s time respectively.

Meanwhile, yesterday’s auction saw goods of eight business establishments being auctioned. The grocery establishments are Brumi Enterprise, DP Tshongkhang, Norzang Trading, Dorji Wangmo Tshongkhang, YP Enterprise, Rigsom Enterprise, Choteylal Shah, and Tashi Enterprise.

Among the eight, Brumi Enterprise had goods worth Nu 3.9M, the highest among the lot with goods located in six godowns. The ACC investigation team, Kuensel sources said had held some truckloads of consignments of Brumi Enterprise during its investigation.

Energy drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water, biscuits, shampoo, perfume were among the auctioned goods.

The first two auctions were held in August 31 and September 1 this year. The auctions had fetched more than Nu 22 million.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing