Dance: Hundreds of devotees from across the country gathered at the courtyard of Lhodrakharchu dratshang in Bumthang to witness Sengeiricham yesterday.

Sengeiricham is performed only at Lhodrakharchu dratshang. The dance was brought from Lhodrakharchu Dratshang in Tibet.

Sengeiricham has eight different sections and it lasts the whole day. The different sections of the dance are Zhiwaicham, Dricham, Durdagcham, Shawaicham, Tashi Moenlamcahm, Sadulgicham and Dharcham.

The steps and the outfits make the dance different from other mask dances.

Trendha organiser, Lopen Losel, said Sengeiricham first originated from the vision that the great treasure discoverer Ngadanyang received from Guru Rinpoche.  Ngadhanyang was from Lhodrak Zhah in Tibet.

Later, the sixth Namkhainyingpo Rinpoche, spread the dance to Sengeiri. Sengeiri was a residence of all the Namkhainyingpos.

The present Namkhainyingpo, Jigme Pema Thinley Namgyal, brought the Sengeiricham to Lhodrakharchu Dratshang in Bhutan.

Nima Wangdi | Bumthang