Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue

People in Sephu gewog, Wangdue, have requested the Wangdue’s Bhutan Development Bank branch office to enable services from the gewog field office (GFO) in Nobding rather than having to go to the branch office in Gangtey.

People from Sephu had earlier been availing BDB services from the office in Nobding. However, when the BDB’s branch office was relocated to Gangtey and GFO to Nobding, the people were informed to avail services from Gangtey.

This decision came unannounced to the people in Dangchu and Sephu gewog.

The issue was also raised in the dzongkhag tshogdu held on April 30.

According to Sephu Mangmi Rinchen Khandu it was more convenient for the people in Sephu to avail services from the office in Nobding.

He added that it was easier for the people to find vehicle along the highway than finding a vehicle to Gangtey. “If they have to go to Gangtey, they will have to reserve a vehicle, which is expensive.”

Further, Rinchen Khandu said that local leaders (tshogpas) had also visited the Nobding GFO instead of visiting the office in Gangtey as they weren’t aware of the shift.

Similar concerns were also raised by Dangchu gewog local leaders.

According to BDB Gangtey branch manager, Thinley Namgay, the decision to exchange the GFO and the branch office came, as there were more clients in Gangtey and Phobji.

Earlier, the GFO had served the people from Gangtey and Phobji and the branch office in Nobding to people in Sephu and Dangchu.

Thinley Namgay said that although the branch and GFO offices have been switched, there wasn’t much difference in the services. “We changed the two offices due the number of staff. GFO has three staff while the branch office has six.”

It so happened that although the office in Gangtey had more clients, there were less staff as the office was a GFO.

Thinley Namgay said that Sephu people’s request to avail services from Nobding was possible. “This will be discussed with the management. It is possible if that’s what people want.