Chimi Dema  | Tsirang

Tsirang police detained a 25-year-old man from Kilkhorthang for series of burglaries in Damphu town.

The suspect was arrested on September 16 in connection to 13 different burglary cases.

Between February last year and this month, the suspect stole mostly edible items worth over Nu 135,000 and a few thousands in cash from shops in and around Damphu town.

Police said that the suspect had also stolen about 50 kilograms of pork and fish from four meat shops in Damphu, last year.

During the interrogation last month, police recovered about Nu 8,000 and edible items worth more than Nu 1,600 from the suspect’s house.

Although the suspect was under police surveillance since last year, he couldn’t be arrested without evidence. The suspect was confirmed in August through a mobile voucher found at the suspect’s place during interrogation. According to the source, one of the victims registered the case with the mobile voucher’s serial number.

Police said that the suspect had confessed to the crime. The investigation is underway.