The sewage leakage that had contaminated drinking water on March 21 affecting about 18 buildings in Motithang, Thimphu has again started over flowing.

One of the affected building owners, Ugyen Chenzom, 60, said the leakage discharges fecal matter. “Everywhere holes are dug up but we don’t know when the construction will be completed. The constructions had been going on for about six months now but recently there had been none.”

She said that some residents had complained about the leakage and the recent rain has worsened the overflow.

“Last time when there were no rain, there were no construction works and the road remained that way. This is causing inconvenience to us. Even parking becomes a problem.”

Thromde officials said there was no sewerage lines in the area. “It is one of the areas where the sewerage would be laid in the 12th Plan,” thromde’s water section head, Nakphel Dukpa. “In the areas where there are no sewer tanks, there are septic tanks. Owners and tenants should monitor and when it fills, we should be informed.”

It was learnt that the thromde is in the process of writing to the contractor asking him to bear the damage caused at Motithang.

Thromde officials said that disruptions would occur during development works, and that those who are working and monitoring should be careful.

Site engineer Tshewang, said that initially the contract awarded in March last year was only to construct drains. “However, as the area was not pre-planned, there were several cables laid at the site.”

He said that the Thromde provided designs for the drain a few days ago. The work is expected to begin this week. It was learnt that three contractors before the current one had tried to work on the development work.

Thromde’s Motithang Tshogpa, Dorji Dema, said that residents were informed about the construction. “Water issue has also been resolved.”

Another resident, Sonam Lhendrup, said that the condition of the road and sites had been the same since he first moved to the area more than two years ago. “In terms of water quality, I have no complaints. However, the path along the area needs to be developed soon.”

Meanwhile, thromde officials said that if a building has water meter connection, the owner is eligible for free cleaning service once a year irrespective of the volume and size of the tanks. If the septic tank is in accordance with the number of users, he said that it is not supposed to overflow. “The sewerage plant located behind the RSTA office is ready. However only after laying the sewer network can we ask the property owners in Motithang areas to connect.”

Rinchen Zangmo