Staff Reporter

The Thimphu police forwarded the alleged sexual harassment cases at the Royal Tutorial Project (RTP) and Bhutan Power Corporation (BPC) to the courts in the last week of November.

Police sources said in both cases, the accused are charged with sexual harassment and harassment.

In the RTP case, a 22-year-old office assistant accused her supervisor, in his 50s, of sexually harassing her over a period of time, but on September 7 this year, the officer touched her inappropriately after inquiring her about her contract and salary.

It was also alleged that the officer reminded the office assistant that she got her job because of him and that renewing the contract would also depend on him.

The case was filed at the Thimphu police station on September 11.

“The officer was charged for both sexual harassment and harassment,” a police source said.

In the BPC case, a supporting staff member had complained about one of the directors sexually harassing her at 2am of September 15.

The incident occurred when the victim and another female colleague were attending to their night shift duties at the company’s customer care office.

The case was initially filed to BPC management, but the management forwarded the case to police on October 1, based on prima facia evidence of sexual harassment.

Four other women from BPC also came forward and alleged the director sexually molested them also. “We have taken all the complaints into consideration,” a senior police officer said. “The director is charged for both harassment and sexual harassment.”

Meanwhile, a special investigation team from police investigated the harassment case at Sherubtse College where 10 students of Sherubtse had complained that an assistant lecturer had bodyshamed them and sent inappropriate late night messages.

“We are still investigating the case,” the senior police officer said.

Another officer said it’s a sexual harassment case.