The Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan (RSEB) has launched m-CaMS, a mobile application to ease share trading and encourage wider participation in the capital market.

The RSEB will facilitate trading two times a day, between 12:30 PM AND 3:30 PM. This will happen every day from Monday to Friday. So far share trading is done three times a week.

The Mobile application, an in-house developed product, is a comprehensive end-to-end solution for real time trading. The system accepts customer’s orders through mobile application platform and forwards it to the system for transaction. The RSEB claims that the system can handle both equities and debt instruments.

Equity instruments are shares and stocks while bonds and commercial papers are debt instrument.

“With the increase of investors in the market, m-CaMs will be a precise tool to disseminate market information, make informed decision related to trading and promote securities market a preferred investment destination,” a press release from the RSEB stated.

The application is also equipped with toolbars to watch live market orders and transactions.

To fetch an account with the m-CaMs, investors need to have an account with any of the brokerage firms. The broker will then forward the form to RSEB and within an hour investors would be provided with login credentials. This app is available in both android and IOS.

The Chief executive Officer of the RSEB, Dorji Phuntsho said that app removes the hassles of calling the broker every time when an investor needs to place a buy or sell order. Investors can trade on their smartphones and tablets,” he said.

Investors can view reports, executive orders, share reports and notifications on their gadgets.

The RSEB is also working on the release of m-CaMS 2.0 which will have additional features to integrate payment system, e-voting to participate in the board decisions of the company and access to tutorials on personal financing among others.

Tshering Dorji