Neten Dorji | Trashigang

A search team comprising of police, desuups, staff and teachers of Sherubtse College  and Jampeling Higher Secondary School, relatives and friends are still looking for the 20-year-old student of Sherubtse College, who went missing since December 3.

Family members and relatives of the missing boy, Prakash Rai, came all the way from Tsirang to look for him.

The search team combs every nook and corners of Kanglung, Khaling, Yonphula and Rongthung areas beside consulting astrologers and conducting rituals.

The missing student’s roommate, Namgay Tshering, said Prakash went outside to take sunbath at 11:30am on December 3 and did not return. “I went to check and he was not around.”

He said that he and  his friends searched Prakash initially without informing the college management, hoping that he would be around.  However, as they couldn’t trace him, they reported the matter to the management and police.

According to Namgay Tshering, Prakash told him he wanted to go around on December 2.

Friends claimed Prakash was depressed as he had attendance shortage in Academic Skills module and he thought if he fails he would have back paper. They said that even in exams he had appeared, he didn’t perform well.

A friend said that there were times they had to guard the missing student till 4 am since he woke up at midnight and walked towards the door. “We informed his father about the problem.”

The father, who is in Kanglung looking for the son, said Prakash was a good boy and didn’t have any issues until now. “I feel he would return one day or we would find him soon. I would not go home until I find my son.”

He said he talked to Prakash on December 1 and informed that he would come to Kanglung to take him home. “He went missing when I was on my way.”

The president of the college, Tshering Wangdi, said the student was good in academics and games and there was no pressure on the student from college administration and lecturers.

He said they didn’t notice any depression signs in the student. “We have counsellors on the campus.  If students are depressed, they usually come forward to seek help.”

Tshering Wangdi said the college is looking for the student and is also conducting rituals.

Meanwhile, a Kanglung resident said people went missing in the area years ago and they believe the local deities hide people.