As part of the golden jubilee celebrations this year, Sherubtse College in Kanglung opened its first salon at the campus yesterday.

Located at the student service centre, the salon will cater to the hairdressing needs of the students and college staff.

The dean of student affairs, Yezer (PhD), said that the salon was established to promote entrepreneurial skills among students.

“While the goal of the initiative is to provide students with an alternative career option, we also wanted to promote dignity of labour among our students,” he said. “Students wishing to become entrepreneurs hairdressing can capitalise on the opportunity while at college.”

Yezer said that the salon would act as an incubation centre for the students wishing to pursue hairdressing as a career. “Even after the graduation, he/she can come and run the salon until they can come up with their own business.”

According to the dean, the establishment of the salon would also benefit the economically disadvantaged students at the college. “Students can make decent money if they have the skills.”

One of the members of the salon, Sherab Tenzin, said that without money many college students landed up relying on friends at hostels for haircut.

“It was not only inconvenient, but also inappropriate to have haircut at hostels because of lack of safety precautions,” he said. “All we want is a financially stable life and if we capitalise on the opportunity given to us, I see a decent life ahead.”

Ugyen Deepak, a barber from Trashigang, trained 24 students on basic hairdressing skills and hygiene and helped the college establish the salon.

“This establishment will not have any affect on the local business operators (salons),” Yezer said. “It is a service that we are providing to our students only staff only.”

The vice chancellor of the Royal University of Bhutan inaugurated the salon.

Younten Tshedup | Kanglung