Health and fitness:

Hi Tshering, 

I’m a mother of three. Now that my children have grown up, I’ve free time to indulge in some fitness regime. Although my daily household chores keep me busy, I was wondering what the perfect simple exercises that I could do at home. Please advise.

Tshering, 40, Thimphu

Dear Tshering,

It is prudent of you to decide to allocate your newfound spare time to health and fitness. Maintaining good health is important; it is the foundation on which everything else should be built.

Walk: The simplest and the safest exercise anybody can do is walking. It has immense value that people often underestimate. Walking done on empty stomach, first thing in the morning is the most potent way of burning fat. It will gradually reduce the fat percentage in your body without losing muscle.

Also drinking plenty of water before walking in the morning will give your body an opportunity to detoxify itself. Most of the toxins lodge in our fat cells. By burning them, we release toxins via urine and sweat. So, if you don’t drink sufficient water, your body cannot excrete toxic elements from inside. Less toxic elements in your body mean your body is in healthy condition. You digestion will be improved and you will have better skin.

Push up: Performed on knees for ladies is good way to strengthen upper body.

Plank: An abdominal exercise is very good to keep the core strong.

Bridges: An exercise done on the floor to strengthen your buttocks and lower back.

Lunges: The best exercise in my opinion for ladies to build, strengthen and to tone their lower body.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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