Sinchupang is located opposite the Haa Dzongkhag administration office (Photo: Haa Dzongkhag)

Phub Dem | Haa

Months after the sixth Royal Bhutan Flower Exhibition, Haa is looking forward to making the dzongkhag attractive to both local and international tourist.

The dzongkhag’s plan to carry on beautification and landscapes development beyond the exhibition period was further emphasised during the recent Dzongkhag Tshogdue.

Sinchupang, located at the heart of Haa town, which was the leading event site during the exhibition, will become a model area for traditional houses.

The Sinchupang area will be the principal site during the annual flower show at Haa.

During the recent DT, the municipal engineer Sangay Drakpa sought approval from the DT to allow construction of houses in the area.

The construction was temporarily suspended, as the area happens to be near the leading flower exhibition site.

The dzongkhag administration has decided on allowing the construction of a traditional two-storey building using locally available materials to maintain the cultural landscape of the area and to provide a unique attraction to the visitors.

The move is in line with the dzongkhag’s commitment to portray Haa as a beautiful, unique and sustainable even after the exhibition.

DT chairperson, Thinley, said that encouraging traditional houses in the locality were in keeping with the dzongkhag’s plan of having different styles and structures.

Bji Gup Passang said that traditional style house should be strong to withstand any natural calamity.

There are 12 private plots in the area.

Thromde thuemi, Lhap Tshering, said there were no complaints from the private landholders as of yesterday.

The DT approved the LAP in 2018.