Crime: Thimphu police have forwarded a burglary case that occurred in Lungtenphu to the Office of Attorney General last week.

Police arrested six men in connection with a home burglary that took place in Lungtenphu on March 24.

The suspects are three policemen, one soldier, a security guard of Jachung Security Service, and a civilian.

On the night of March 24, forest officials seized two elephant tusks from four men, above the Thimphu Memorial Choeten, based on a tip off.

Upon interrogation, the officials learned that elephant tusks were stolen from a house in Lungtenphu. The forest officials handed the men over to the police.

According to the police, a 25-year-old security guard of Jachung Security Service and a 34-year-old man stole one elephant tusk from the house on March 23.The men then sought buyers in the city.

The security guard contacted a friend of his, the soldier to search for a buyer. They took pictures of the stolen elephant tusk. Headed to Bebina, near Juingshina. Met two policemen one of whom is the security guard’s brother.

The security guard had told the soldier and policemen that he bought the tusk from Samdrupjongkhar.

The two policemen then contacted another policeman about the tusk. The third policeman later claiming to have found the buyers asked the other policemen to come along with the tusk.

A police official said the security guard had later confessed to his brother and the soldier of stealing the tusk.

The trio then went to Lungtenphu. The security guard broke into the same house through a window again and stole another tusk.

No one was in the house when the incident occurred.

The men are charged for burglary, aiding and abetting and failure to report the crime.

 Dechen Tshomo