Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Pemagatshel elected six new gups on Wednesday. Five former gups were also re-elected.

Nanong, Zobel, Chhimoong, Yurung, and Chongshing gewogs elected former gups who contested again.

Dungmaed, Dechhenling, Norboogang, Choekhorling, Khar, and Shumar gewogs elected new gups.

Of the five former gups, Chongshing’s Pema Dorji secured 727 votes, of which 215 were from the electronic voting machine (EVM).

Nanong had only one gup candidate. Sonam Jamtsho from Nanong secured 1,416 “yes” votes and 758 “no” votes. Chhimoong’s lone gup candidate, Yeshi Wangdi, got 464 “yes” votes and 243 “no” votes.

Zobel’s Pema Dorji secured 808 votes, of which 351 were EVM votes. In Yurung gewog, former gup, Sangay Thinley secured 895 votes.

Dungmaed went for a new gup. Of the two candidates, Choki Thinley got 1,030 votes.

The gup-elect of Khar, Jamtsho, secured 995 votes. The gewog also had two candidates.

Shumar’s gup-elect Sonam Dendup got 1,207 votes, of which 596 were EVM votes and 611 postal ballots. The gewog had four gup candidates.

Choekhorling Gewog’s new gup is Kinzang Rabten. He secured 492 votes.

Kinley Dorji is Norboogang’s gup-elect. He got 1,046 votes. Gup-elect of Dechhenling, Jimpa Phuentsho, secured 1,041 votes.

Norboogang, Choekhorling and Dechhenling had three gup candidates each.



Samdrupjongkhar elected eight new and three former gups in the election.

Nine former gups re-contested during the dhamngoi zomdu in November, but only eight got through.

Phuentshothang gewog went for the former gup. Of the three candidates, Jamyang Gyeltshen got 1,199 votes and was elected gup.

In Langchenphu, the former gup, Guman Singh Gaylal, secured 800 “yes” votes and was elected gup.

Wangphu Gewog also re-elected the former gup, Sangay Tenzin. He secured 867 votes.

Serthi elected a new gup. Tshewang Tenzin won with 608 votes.

The gup-elect of Lauri, Jigme Tshewang, secured 1,018 votes.  Yenten Dorji, who secured 1,103 votes, is the gup-elect of Martsala.

Dewathang elected Karma Dema as gup. She secured 723 votes.

In Orong, Pema Gyalpo won with 1,153 votes. Pema Lekso is Pemathang’s gup-elect. He secured 667 votes.

Gomdar and Samrang gewogs also went for new gups. The gup-elect of Gomadar, Karchung, secured 1,359 votes, while Samrang’s Jigme Singye Drukpa got 136 votes. The gewogs had two candidates each.