Crime: Jomotsangkha police is still searching for 44-year-old man from Doongmanma in Lauri gewog who was involved in the illegal transaction of controlled substance.

On June 30, police arrested another 66-year-old farmer in connection with the same case. Following a tip off, police seized six sacks of dried marijuana leaves from the farmer’s house in Langchenphug gewog, a few kilometres from Jomotsangkha dungkhag.

Police said that the 44-year-old suspect, who is still at large, is prime suspect. “The prime suspect has left marijuana sacks that weighs almost 200kg with the 66-year old suspect. The suspect said that he is innocent and wasn’t aware what the sacks contained”

The 66-year-old suspect is still in the police custody.

Police said that the prime suspect had planned to sell marijuana leaves in India. “But we caught the suspect the next day.”

Police said they are still searching for the prime suspect, a lay monk who is believed to have fled to Arunachal Pradesh in India.

“He had fled when we went to raid his friend’s house. Probably, he was already informed about the raid and that’s how he managed to escape,” police said.

The police are still investigating the case.

According to the police record, the prime suspect is a repeated offender. The Jomotsangkha police arrested the prime suspect in 2013 in connection with the illegal transaction of controlled substance.

“He was imprisoned for a year and four months by the Jomotsangkha court. But he paid compensation of Nu 60,000 and was released,” police said.

This is the second such case this year. Two youths who were caught with 3kg of dried marijuana leaves were charged in the court a few weeks back.

By Yangchen C Rinzin,  Samdrupjongkhar