Truck drivers in Samdrupjongkhar have been facing parking problem since last year after the parking space was given to set up the labour camp for the on-going bridge construction over the Dungsamchhu.

Thukten Tashi, 31, said it took three hours looking for a parking space. “I didn’t get the space and had to pay Nu 3,000 for parking my truck on a private space.”

Thinley Penjore, 21, from Bangtar, said that the number of trucks is increasing in Samdrupjongkhar, creating congestion. “We park our trucks along the roadsides and it is not safe.”

He added that parking trucks along the roadsides creates traffic congestion. “We were allowed to park our trucks in the archery gallery near industrial area but because Bhutan Olympic Committee has started the ground levelling works, we are left without parking,”

Thromde officials said that the thromde has issued an interim order stating that the drivers can park their trucks along the highway.

“We have also identified a new parking space at industrial area,” said a thromde official. “There will be at least 25 parking slots.”

The officials, however, said the drivers cannot park their trucks in the space at the junction near bus booking because the space is designated for the roundabout.

Officials with the thromde’s engineering  section said that the thromde has proposed budget to the finance ministry.

Kelzang Wangchuk |  Samdrupjongkhar