Accident: A father and his two children escaped with minor injuries in a hit and run accident along the expressway in Babesa yesterday.

Lal Bdr, 30, and his children were waiting for the city bus beside the expressway near Dhejung Motors showroom when a Toyota Hilux struck them around 7:15am.

The father said that his three-year-old son was not well and that they were on their way to the referral hospital along with the six-year-old daughter.

“I don’t know from where the vehicle came but it hit us and my son was thrown about 10 meters away,” the father said. “I was in shock and when I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital.”

The father said that the driver could have stopped and helped them but he did not remain at the scene. The driver later told police that he did not stop because the father was unconscious and that he had wanted to report the case to police first.

A taxi driver who witnessed the incident noted the number of the vehicle and reported the case to Police. He then took the father and children to hospital.

Lal Bdr and his daughter suffered minor injuries while his son injured his head. The doctor at the emergency unit told Lal Bdr that there was no serious injuries and was discharged from the hospital.

According to sources, the accident could have happened due to sleep driving. The driver told police that he was waiting for his relatives to arrive from Phuentsholing and when they didn’t reach Thimphu, he had started for Phuentsholing around mid night yesterday. He met his relatives near Tsimasham and was driving back to Thimphu when the accident occurred.

Sources said that the vehicle hit the metallic fence along the expressway before hitting the people. The driver was released on bail. Lal Bdr said they agreed to settle the matter mutually after his children recover.

Dechen Tshomo