LG: More than a hundred candidates will contest for the posts of gup and mangmi in the local government elections in Mongar on September 29. Chiwog zomdus concluded on August 25 in the dzongkhag.

The candidates include 51 for the post of gup and 56 for mangmi.

Of the 51 gup candidates nominated, four are women including two university graduates. There are also three university graduates among the men and one with a master’s degree in Buddhist studies.

Of the 56 mangmi contestants, six are women.

For the post of tshogpa, there are 153 candidates of which 39 are women.

In every gewog, there is at least one candidate for chiwog tshogpa.

Of the 15 former gups looking to re-contest, four did not make it past the zomdus.

The former gup of Narang lost to newcomer Dechen Zangmo, one of the woman contestants. The former gups of Tsamang and Balam also did not make it through.

The former gups of Ngatshang, Sherimuhung, and Saling chose not to re-contest.

Mongar has a total of some 32,718 eligible voters including the thromde.

The candidates are still in the process of submitting their documents to the office of the returning officer.

There are 85 chiwogs in 17 gewogs in Mongar.