Neten Dorj | Trashigang

Sonam Tenzin wins Trashiyangtse’s National Council seat.

In a dramatic turn of events, Sonam Tenzin, 36, was elected yesterday as the new National Council (NC) member for Trashiyangtse with a whopping 3,624 votes.

Karma Gyeltshen got 1,350 votes, Kiba Wangchuk 1,690, Ngawang Tashi 2,708, and Sonam Tshering 1,162.

Sonam Tenzin hails from Khamdang Gewog in Trashiyangtse and is a former general manager of Bhutan Industrial Gas. He secured the highest number of votes both on the electronic voting machine (EVM) and postal ballot count.

Former NC member, Karma Gyeltshen, lost to Sonam Tenzin, while Ngawang Tashi from Tongmijangsa Gewog secured the second-highest number of votes through both the EVM and postal ballot. Kiba Wangchuk from Jamkhar Gewog came in third.

A total of 10,534 registered voters participated in the election; 50 percent of registered voters did not cast their votes.