The premium petrol cleans car engine, claims distributors

Fuel: Vehicle owners in the capital have the option to go for a more expensive fuel, but with lot of advantages with the introduction of Speed, a premium petrol.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) launched the premium petrol, which cost Nu 55.30 a litre, about Nu 2 more than the ordinary petrol, at the Bhutan Oil Distributors in Thimphu yesterday. It will be launched in Motithang in Thimphu, Paro and Phuentsholing this week.

BPCL’s Executive Director, George Paul claims Speed, which comes with the promise that ‘With Speed, Every Car is a Super Car’, is enriched with special multi-functional additives that keep the vehicle’s engine clean, maximizing its power and improving fuel economy.

“Speed helps in lowering vehicle emissions, thus ensuring a reliable performance and a smoother drive. It is the first premium petrol to be launched in Bhutan,” George Paul said.

When a vehicle is new, the engine components such as intake valves, fuel injectors and combustion chambers are free from harmful deposits. Over a period of time, carbon deposits begin to accumulate in these regions, which affect the driving experience as well as vehicle’s power output and fuel consumption, George Paul said.

“Speed cleans and reduces the accumulation of these deposits helping the engine stay clean and run effectively for a longer period of time. The fuel restores engine performance and gives improved fuel efficiency,” he said. “Speed is an environmentally responsible fuel, as it helps in lowering vehicular emission.”

With that in mind and with Bhutan being reputed for its conscious effort towards environmental protection and conservation, Speed was launched in Bhutan, George Paul added.

Department of Trade’s Joint Director, Dophu Tshering said, it was for the environmental reasons that the government is agreeing to introduce Speed in the fuel depots.

“We would like to encourage Bhutanese drivers to opt for Speed, which will not only help lower emission but also reduce one’s spending on repairing and maintenance of vehicle,” Dophu Tshering said.

Vehicle owners who are using the existing petrol can immediately use Speed, although the results can be felt once the petrol runs out, George Paul said. “One will feel the difference after one or two refueling as it takes some time to clean the existing deposits. Depending on petrol consumption, it could last a few weeks as well.”

BPCL’s employees also warned that oil filters will have to be changed when an owner switch to Speed as the freed deposits could get caught in the fuel filter and clog it.

Speed is one of the most preferred brands in India commanding 41.9 percent market share. It was introduced in India in 2002. BPCL currently operates in 19 fuel stations in Bhutan through Bhutan Oil Distributors and Damchen Petroleum Distributors.

Thinley Zangmo