Crime: Following a complaint from the Health Help Centre (HHC), Changjiji police has detained a 34-year old man from Tsirang for pelting stones at an ambulance on March 25 near Hongtsho.

The incident took place around 11am after the ambulance picked the man from Dochula following an emergency call.  The man, a cook with Dochula café, was under the influence of alcohol and had fallen off a slope.  He had suffered cuts on his head.

Health ministry officials said, when the ambulance was on its way back to the hospital, the man asked the driver to stop the vehicle.  He then came out and started pelting stones, damaging the windshield and windows.

“Although the man was accompanied by two escorts, they couldn’t control him, as he became very violent,” the director general of medical services department, Dr Ugen Dophu, said. “He also assaulted the driver and his escorts, after which he walked off but collapsed.”

Following the incident, another ambulance was called to take the man to the hospital.  The HHC then informed police.

Dr Ugen Dophu said the man was thoroughly checked and treated.  He was then kept under observation until the evening, after which he was handed over to police. “This is totally unacceptable as no one has the right to damage a public property,” he said. “He’ll have to bear the expenses of repair and will be dealt as per the existing laws.”

The ambulance was parked in front of the emergency department and covered with a tarpaulin.

By Kinga Dema