The project to address stray dogs problem would be included in a waste management flagship programme the government is planning to initiate.

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering shared this during the fourth meet the press session on March 8.

He said that the problem of stray dogs is becoming serious. The government pledged to begin projects to address stray dogs problem, manage waste more efficiently and develop a blueprint for building adequate residential complexes within 120 days.

“We have had a couple of discussions under agriculture minister Yeshey Penjor’s leadership with veterinary institutions,” he said.

A press release from the Prime Minister’s office (PMO) states that the agriculture ministry has initiated a project proposal, which is ready for fund mobilisation on the issue of stray dog problems.

Lyonpo Yeshey Penjor, in one of the earlier Friday meets, had said that although there was no budget for stray dog population and rabies control programme, the department of livestock has already framed a project proposal for this programme.“It is my responsibility to mobilise resources for this.”

Lyonchhen said that stray dogs problem and waste management are not exactly the same but they do share common issues. “We are going to club it with waste management.”

The government has decided to have waste management as a flagship programme under the PMO. “Because nobody is taking ownership of waste management despite knowing that it is an issue, knowing that something has to be done about it,” he said. “Everything is fragmented.”

He said that the money that is intended for waste management was getting lost in the system. “Every system has a waste management component but no institute or authority is taking responsibility on this.”

So, Lyonchhen said that he personally took initiative on this. “I am very interested and something different must happen on waste management. This is an action we are very keen about.”

Dechen Tshomo