Health and Fitness: Dear Acho,

I have a weak neck. I wanted to know if they are any specific exercises to strengthen my neck. I’m regularly training my neck at the moment but without any improvement. 


Hi Deimos,

Any muscle can be trained to increase in size, strength and performance. A neck is no different but it has become a lost sight, you don’t see anybody at the gyms train the neck muscle anymore, as they don’t draw attention as a pair of biceps would.

The athletes that dedicate the most time and focus on neck are Formula1 drivers and Olympic wrestlers. Have you ever stopped to notice the size of their thick necks oddly pegged on to their relatively skinny physique?

Our neck muscles are responsible for the rotation and movement of our heads, so we can see and cover as many angles as possible.

Tip of the week

Strengthening your neck muscles can help eliminate a lot of annoying neck problems.

So employing resistance through out the whole range of motion is what needs to be done to train and enhance the development of your neck muscle optimally.

Here are a few simple and effective exercises for the neck muscle:

1. Lying face up neck resistance exercise:

Lie on a bench on your back, with your neck sticking out on one end of the bench, put a weight plate on your forehand, and than descend downward as far back as your neck mobility allows, than tuck your chin upward and toward your collar bone.

Repeat 3 sets of 20 repetitions each. Adjust weight as per your strength.

 2. Lying face down neck resistance exercise: 

Lie flat on a bench on your stomach facing down with your neck sticking out on one end of the bench, put a weight plate on the back of your head, and than let it stretch as far down as possible, than lift you head as far up and back as possible.

Repeat 3 sets of 20 repetitions each.

3. Barbell shrugs:

Stand up straight with your feet at shoulder width as you hold a barbell with both hands in front of your palms facing the thighs. Raise your shoulders up as far as you can go as you breathe out and hold the contraction for a second.

Neck muscle are small muscles, therefore its ability to recover from workouts is much faster. If you wish you can train it 2-3 times a week.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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