Phub Dem  | Paro

Paro is unusually quiet. After five Covid-19 positive cases this month in Bonday and Woochu, this popular tourist hub is deserted.

Entry and exit to Chang Mandi, Bonday and Woochu—identified as high alert zones—are closely monitored by de-suups and police.

A vegetable shopper said that if the vegetable van came from Bonday, she would not buy the vegetables.

Lungnyi gewog’s mangmi, Tshering, said that although there was a continuous supply of essential goods, most villagers did not have cash. “Chiwog tshogpas makes necessary arrangements such as asking shops to give the goods on credit.”

Chiwog tshogpas make rounds in their area to make sure the residents have the necessary items.

Tshering Dorji, tshogpa of Dzongdra-Gadra in Lungnyi, has been delivering essentials such as mobile vouchers, doma and pani, and tobaccos.

Bonday tshogpa, Chencho Gyem, said that residents in the chiwogs were made to observe strict lockdown after the positive case. Essentials are being provided from door to door.

Following five positive cases outside quarantine centres, Paro health surveillance team collected 1,504 test samples from high-risk areas in Paro.

The mass tests were conducted from August 20 to 22 to rule out community transmission of the virus. The team also collected swab samples from 90 health staff and frontliners.