Staff reporter

A 17-year- old student has been reported missing since March 19, from his home in Olakha, Thimphu.

Police said that the victim has made a phone call to his grandmother who is residing at Gelephu saying that he was coming there.

“His parents informed the police on March 19. We started contacting his parents and grandmother, but they told us that he did not reach Gelephu,” police said.

The class X student is studying in Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School.

Youth-related problem such as missing cases and involvement in violent activities are on the rise.

Recently, video clip of youth involved in fighting went viral on social media platforms. This has triggered fear among citizens.

RBP has arrested all involved.

Moreover, due to the Covid-19 case, all the schools were closed since March 18.  Students are advised to take advantage of the current situation and stay safe in the town areas.