… Office of the Consumer Protection alerts consumers 

Dechen Dolkar  

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) has found discrepancies in the weight of seven brands of packaged sugar in the market.

The office has directed all producers and wholesalers of the aforementioned brands to rectify all discrepancies immediately, retailers selling these brands are asked to reweigh all individual packets on the shelf or in stock and affix revised weight labels and prices accordingly.

The OCP and Bhutan Standard Bureau (BSB) carried out tests of various brands of packaged sugar available in the market to check the accuracy of the weight label displayed on the packet this week.

According to the OCP, the weight of sugar packets of Amrit Gold, Yarana, Happy Crystal, Krishna Gold, White Crystal Cane (Druk Fresh), DMC Gold and Diwana brands were found to be underweight and not within the maximum permissible error, as per BSB standard.

Out of seven, five are imported and two are produced in Bhutan.

Chief programme officer of OCP, Jigme Dorji said that the products should weigh 1.5 percent less or more than the prescribed net weight on the cover of the products.   

He said that the test result revealed that the actual weight of the packaged sugar is below the weight that is displayed on the packet, in most cases.

“OCP has carried out testing finding out suspicious in weight of the sugar in the market. We will also test other products,” he said.

Jigme Dorji said that the OCP will test more samples after two weeks’ time and if no corrections have been made, action(s) as per the Consumer Protection Act, 2012 will be taken, which will be imposition of penalty and cancellation of business license for further violation.

The retailers dealing in these brands have also been directed to weigh the packaged sugars on their shelves or in their stock and affixthe actual weight and set prices accordingly. Non-compliance will also be treated as per the extant rules and regulations.

The OCP urged that consumers are advised to check and verify the weights of the brands before purchase and report to the OCP in case of any discrepancies.

This sugar usually weighs between 750gram and 1kg. The packet of sugar costs Nu 50 in Thimphu.