Dechen Dolkar

Had it not been for the pacemaker implant, Sonam Penjor’s heart would have failed.

It was 2017.

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, elderly citizens like Sonam Penjor became most vulnerable.  He would have easily succumbed to the virus.

He did not eat much anyway. Usually, if it were his favourite dish, he would normally consume several servings, but not lately.

His Majesty The King’s Soelra of supplement medicines saved so many weak and elderly citizens. For Sonam, the multivitamin package did magic for him.

The multivitamin helped regain Sonam’s appetite.

Normally Sonam refused to take any medicine. But when he came to know that the supplement medicines were Soelra from His Majesty the King, he took the immediately any hesitation.

Sonam’s daughter said His Majesty saved her father. “It was His Majesty The King’s Soelra that save my father. I know this.”

Sonam has been receiving constant resupply of his medicine; his health has improved drastically.

During the pandemic, all the elderly citizens aged 70 and above in the country received His Majesty The King’s Kidu supplement medicine Soelra. The supplements were delivered to the doorstep of the people who needed them the most.

The supplements helped the elderly infected with Covid-19 fight the virus.

In Mongar, supplement medicines were given to more than 1,988 elderly citizens. There were 2,145 Soelra recipients in Wangdue and 934 in Thimphu.

All the recipients are deeply moved by His Majesty’s compassion and care for His people.

The government also provided boosters doses to priority groups, including 65 years and above.