Crime: Thimphu police detained a 22-year-old man, suspected to have been involved in the death of a 24-year-old security guard with Jachung Security Services on February 9.

The deceased who was bleeding from the nose and mouth was found unconscious in a corridor of the national referral hospital building’s third floor.

When the police investigation team reached the hospital, the deceased who was in a coma was admitted in the hospital’s emergency unit.

The deceased succumbed to injuries the same night at around 11:30pm.

According to the CT scan report, the deceased sustained fractured at the back of his head and minor injuries on his right knee and back of the head.

However, a police official said that no sharp cuts were found on the deceased’s body and the cause of the death is yet to be established.

A hospital staff reported the incident to the Thimphu city police at around 8:45pm, suspecting it to be a battery case.

Police traced a former laundry boy with the hospital as the alleged suspect after learning that he was seen loitering around the building that day.

The police official said that although the alleged suspect did not confess to committing the crime, he had indicated that there was a problem between him and the deceased.

The alleged suspect claimed that his friends were with him when the problem occurred.

“We are not able to identify and locate any of the people that the alleged suspect claimed as his friends,” the official said. “It seems like he is making up stories.”

However, police will continue to interrogate the alleged suspect.

Dechen Tshomo