Rajesh Rai  | Phuentsholing

A woman, reportedly from across the border, was brutally murdered and left to decompose in a hotel room at Goedoe Lam in Phuentsholing.

While it is uncertain when the deceased was murdered, the victim and the suspect, both from across the border, stayed in the hotel since December 12 and the headless body of the woman was discovered on December 21.

The hotel owner’s brother, who was at the counter yesterday, said that a man and a woman checked in their hotel on December 12 and changed the room on December 13.

The registration book the hotel maintained did not have much information about the guests but stated they are from Cooch Bihar, India and on their way to Thimphu. The man’s name was registered but it was not clear.

It was learnt that the suspect and the victim stayed in the hotel until December 18 and made payments for the room charges in cash.

According to the hotel owner’s brother, after finding out that the guests did not pay room charges from December 19 and not seeing them move in and out of the room, he sent a waiter to check at 11am on December 21.

“The waiter found the room was locked. He opened it with spare keys,” he said. “The room was filled with foul smell and checked the toilet and found the woman dead.”

The hotel management then informed police.

Although Phuentsholing police did not comment, it was learnt police from across the border were also informed.

Sources said the deceased’s head was dismembered and missing. The age and identity of the deceased couldn’t be ascertained.

Meanwhile, a TashiCell number was also registered on the registration book. The hotel staffs said it was switched off.

The suspect was also seen leaving the room on December 19.

CCTV footage of the hotel showed the suspect coming out of the room empty-handed at first and took a cup of tea and around 1:40pm that same day, the suspect sneaked out with two bags with him when no one was around. Inside the room, a chopping knife was also discovered under the mattress.