Of some 90 students in Drametse Central School in Mongar, who were admitted at the Drametse basic health unit (BHU) for suspected food poisoning on June 12, two are still admitted.

The students complained of headache, vomiting and diarrhoea and were brought to the BHU at 8am in the school Hilux.

Most students recovered and returned to the hostel after receiving medical attention. The Trashigang hospital’s doctor and lab technician attended to the students along with the BHU officials.

The BHU doctor, Sonam, said the cause of the outbreak is not known but the symptoms were similar to food poisoning. “We checked all students and gave vaccination and medicine.”

Dr Sonam said, to confirm what caused the disease, blood and urine samples were sent to Trashigang hospital.

School principal, Passang, said all 470 students were served the same meal but only about 90 fell ill. He said that on June 11, the girls had gone out for an outing. “Of the 90 students who got sick, 66 are girls.”

Tashi Phuntsho | Drametse