Sherab Lhamo and Yangyel Lhaden 

While parts of South Thimphu remain parched, residents of Taba are complaining of too much water going to waste. 

Residents complain about the newly-constructed water supply line and meter boxes constructed by Thimphu Thromde being poorly built.

In 2021, Thimphu Thromde constructed water meter units and water distribution lines for about 80 households in upper Taba.  According to Taba-Dechencholing Thuemi Ugyen, 75 percent of the project is completed. 

Residents said that during the water test after the construction, the pipes bursted several times flooding onto the road and damaging properties. 

“The force of the water has also damaged a water meter,” a resident, Kinlay Dhendup said.  

 Thuemi Ugyen said that the thromde is responding to complaints on time and are fixing the water pipes. 

Another house owner Kinlay said that the water meter box was poorly built and the water pipes used were small galvanised iron pipes. “I requested the sub-contractor to use better pipes but he didn’t.”

The ownder of house made of mud bricks had to make barriers with sandbags and rocks to stop the water from damaging his house.

The Thimphu Thromde started supplying water from Dodeyna to upper Taba in April. However, residents claimed that they were not aware of it. They mostly use the community water supply line or private lines. They have not connected the water meter to their homes.

Most residents were surprised when they received the bill for water and sewerage service for April amounting to between Nu 2,400 and Nu 2,500 for the newly-constructed water metre they never used. 

House owners in Upper Taba with thromde-built meter boxes have received similar water and sewerage bill. They have been reluctant to pay the amount to the Thimphu Thromde. 

Thuemi Ugyen said that he along with a few community members approached the thromde office regarding the bill and it had been decided that the house owners could only pay the cost of the water meter. “The issue is solved.” 

Residents said that some water meters are still running when they are not even connected to the households.

“Thromde should address these issues to make better water infrastructure so that it is durable,” a resident said.