The Pepsi B-League Basketball Championship finals were played between Takin and Dragon for men’s division and between Dragonflies and Hotshotz for women’s at the Swimming Pool Complex on May 27.

Takin made the lead score in the first 15 seconds. At the end of the second round, the scores tied at 36. After half time, however, Takin gave tremendous pressure to Dragons. Despite the best from the Dragons’ young boys, they were defeated with huge difference. Takin won with 78-58.

In women’s division, Dragonflies made a good start. However, by the last 3 minutes of the first round, the Hotshotz took the lead by 8-6. The first round ended with Hotshotz scoring 18 and Dragonflies 9. The Hotshotz won 59-42.

Takin took home the championship trophy with Nu 40,000. The Dragons walked home with the runners-up trophy and cash prize of Nu 25,000.

Hotshotz lifted the championship trophy with Nu 30,000. The Dragonflies had to settle with Nu 20,000.

The players were also awarded medals.

Nima from Takin in men’s division and Xumsel Choden of Hotshotz were declared as most valuable players of the final match.

Tashi Chophel