A 32-year-old former employee with a private firm, Neten has registered to contest in the upcoming National Council elections from Mongar.

Neten is from Sanadang village, Chagsakhar, Mongar and has served eight years with the Royal Bhutan Police.

After completing class X, Neten enrolled as a police constable in 2005. After six years, he decided to continue his education and later got a scholarship to study at the College for Language and Cultural Studies in Taktse, Trongsa. Neten has a BA in Bhutan Himalayan Studies.

Following his graduation in 2016, Neten worked at a private firm. After he decided to contest for the National Council elections, he resigned from his job and stayed in his village for the past few months.

Neten said that his struggle for education, employment and his experience could help make decisions that are relatable and helpful to the people.

If elected, Neten said that bringing a balanced regional economic growth and addressing youth unemployment would be his priority. “In our society, people always have a criteria for a job. This could affect those who continued their studies in private schools because of less mark obtained in class X or XII. I feel that everyone should receive equal opportunity to at least sit for an interview.”

The issues in urban areas such as vehicle congestion, waste management, rural urban migration and housing issues can be addressed with equal and fair distribution of the ministries’ headquarters, Neten said.

He added that although people in rural areas own land, they continue to struggle. “The lack of market is because of less people in the area. And taking one or two ministries to the rural areas will help bring balanced development.”

Until October 20, Mongar had 14 registered NC aspirants. With 20 aspirants, Dagana had the highest candidates registered until October 20. Mongar had the second highest. Including Neten, Chagsakhar has two candidates. “Large number of contestants would mean better and diverse choice for the people. In the last election, there wasn’t any candidate from my gewog.”

Neten received a Drakpoi Norbu Yoesel medal for his services in 2013.

Phurpa Lhamo