The incumbent council representative from Bumthang, Nima secured 373 yes votes against 37 no during the Dhamngoi Zomdu in Tang gewog yesterday.

Dhamngoi zomdu for Bumthang began on March 6.

The last zomdu for the Thromde will be held today. It is learnt that Bumthang throm has a lone candidate.

However, election officials said that officially, the candidature would be decided only after the Damngoi Zomdu as anyone meeting the criteria is allowed to declare his or her interest at the event.

For 74-year-old Rinzin Dorji from Tang, the Council’s role is crucial as a house of review and to keep an eye on government policies. “It is important to choose the right candidate,” he said. “I am worried that good candidates will be left behind if I don’t come to vote.”

He said he could make it to the zomdu because of the road. Walking for more than an hour would be tedious for the 74 year-old. His 71 year-old wife also came along with him.

In Ura gewog, 139 voters turned out for the zomdu. Voter turnout in Chumey geowg was 206 and Choekhor gewog had 439 voters turning out, the highest. However, there weren’t any candidates from all these three gewogs.

Tshering Dorji | Bumthang