A taxi driver yesterday handed over a bag containing Bhutanese and Chinese currency to police in Thimphu that a passenger had left behind in his taxi.

A 49-year old taxi driver Tshering from Shengana, Punakha told Kuensel that a bag was found inside his car by one of the passengers who boarded the taxi from Khasadrupchu to Changzamtok around 8pm on October 6.

After reaching the town, when he opened the door for the next passenger, he spotted a black bag at the back seat of the car, which he kept with care until the next morning.

“When I opened the bag, it contained a huge amount of money, and I waited for the owner to call,” he said. However, after no one called him, he said he reported case to the police and handed over the money.

A police official said that Tshering reported to the police station around 10am yesterday with the bag. The bag contained three bundle of 1,000 notes worth Nu 300,000 three bundle of 100 Chinese Yuan notes amounting to 30,000 Yuan.

The bag also had some doma, supari packets and a cell phone charger.

Tshering said that the passenger was in gho and spoke Dzongkha. He said although he is seeing a bag carrying a huge amount for the first time, it was not unusual to come across passengers leaving their things behind.

“In the past there were incidences of passengers leaving behind cell phones in my car, which I returned after calling the owner.”

The police official said that nobody has come forward to claim the bag so far.

Ugyen Dorji