Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) has filed a complaint with the police last week about a fake notification issued using TCB’s letterhead saying Thimphu Drubchoe and Tshechu are cancelled.

On August 25, the council notified on its Facebook page that the notification was fake.

The fake notification has been in circulation on social media since August 24. It states that the TCB in accordance with a directive from the Election Commission of Bhutan announces that Thimphu Drubchoe (September 15) and Tshechu (19 – 21) are cancelled as the dates fall within the election period.

ECB announced that the primary round of the election would be held on September 15 and the general round on October 19.

An official with TCB said the fake notification was developed and circulated by an unknown person. “We have already notified our stakeholders through email and issued clarification notice through our social media handles like Facebook and Twitter and also through BBS.”

The official said TCB condemns anyone who is behind the work and the council had filed a complaint with the police to seek their intervention.

“TCB does not have the authority to cancel any national events,” the official said. “Therefore, we believe that such notification will be made by the relevant authority through available channels.”

The official said such fake news creates unnecessary anxiety and confusion amongst the public. “We plead with whoever is concerned not to indulge in such activity.”

Staff reporter