Lekey Zangmo   

As a part of the ongoing reforms, Tourism Council of Bhutan has been placed under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and renamed as Department of Tourism with effect from November 1.

The restructuring is aimed at sustainable and responsible growth of the country and highlights the important role of tourism in the ongoing transformation.

Economic Affairs Minister Loknath Sharma said, “We warmly welcome the Tourism Council to our department and we hope to bring positive changes working together in the coming days.” He also highlighted the importance of the reforms in the tourism sector.

Besides the name change, there is no other significant change.

The mandates of the Department of Tourism shall be the same, with the same responsibilities and rules as before for the same team at the same location.

Tourism department Director General Dorji Dhradhul said, “We would like to renew our commitment to serve the Tsawa Sum with utmost dedication and contribute towards building a shared vision of the country.”

The Department of Tourism is responsible for the development and promotion of sustainable tourism in the country that shall work guided by the principle of high-value, low-volume tourism.