Neten Dorji | Trashigang

The teachers of Melongkhar Primary School in Trashiyangtse, led by officiating principal, Leki Gyeltshen have developed a learning model—a wooden rocket—for the students.

The rocket measures 3 metres high and 0.3 metres wide. It has four propellants, carries the national flag and named JNW after His Royal Highness the Gyalsey.

He said that the model was designed to inspire the younger generation to take interest in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

“The rocket is also dedicated to our selfless and compassionate King for protecting the nation and the people from Covid-19,” said Leki Gyeltshen.

Leki Gyeltshen said: “I designed the rocket using my skills thinking that it would benefit students in remote school who don’t have television and internets facilities.”

The dream of a teacher doesn’t stop there. Leki Gyeltshen said that the idea was to encourage students to build their own spaceships to explore the space and do research on the moon and the other planets.

“Students are learning about rocket and spaceship only in textbooks. Now they can see how a rocket looks and what uses it can be put to,” Leki Gyeltshen said.

A teacher said that one of the main reasons why children, particularly in the remote parts of the country did not show interest in STEM subjects was because of lack of facilities and technologies.

“Even otherwise, such models would help the school create child-friendly and conducive learning environment,” said Leki Gyeltshen.