Neten Dorji | Trashigang

A 13-year-old boy from Luga in Drametse reportedly took his own life after his parents allegedly refused to buy him a new mobile phone.

The deceased was a fourth grade student of Baging Primary School in Drametse. Baging-Shadang tshopa, Karchung who saw the body, said that he reported the incident to gup, who reported it to police.

According to parents, the deceased was not his usual self during his last days. “He woke up early, at around 5:30am, and made offerings at the altar,” said the mother of the deceased. He even scolded us to wake up during that day.”

On the cause of the suicide, parents said that the boy had requested for a new mobile phone for the last few months, since schools closed. “I convenience my son, we would buy when we have enough money. He agreed and also told me the price has increased,” said father Sangay Wangchuk.

The mother said her deceased son was sharing his sister’s mobile phone to attend online classes and that they also have television at home. “He had complained of having not learnt anything from the television and the online lessons,” said the mother. “His sister guides him and sometimes he studies with his friends.”

It was learnt that the deceased also submitted assignments assigned by his subject teachers on time. The Tshogpa said that the boy visited his house with a mobile phone belonging to his relatives to transfer videos. “I saw the boy helping parents at home and doing well.”

Teachers of Baging Primary School said the boy was happy and good at art works although he was quiet and inactive in class.  “He was quite slow in learning. But we supported him and selected him for the remedial classes,” said a subject teacher.

“We have never pressurised any students. We also distributed Self Instruction Manuals as per the criteria set by the education ministry,” said principal Kinzang Wangdi. The boy was repeating the same class.