Temporary measure: Paro’s vegetable market has been relocated to Moenlam Chenmo ground

… the permanent market construction is expected to complete in two years 

Phub Dem | Paro

By next month, vegetable vendors of Paro would have a clean and proper market place.

After temporarily moving to dzongkhag archery ground at Tshongdue in April last year, the vendors complained of no public toilets and sanitation issues.

The place is dusty, and vendors sell their goods under tarpaulin sheets. The site was an eyesore to both residents and visitors alike.

Last Sunday, the vendors moved to Moenlam Chhenmo ground adjacent to the town after the makeshift flu clinic at the ground was moved to municipal office garage.

A vegetable vendor from Tsendona, Dema said that Finance Minister Namgay Tshering and MP of Shaba constituency, visited the market place two times to study its condition and consulted wit vendors. “We are asked to move to Moenlam Chenmo ground for a month.”

Although it was difficult for the vendors to change their place, Dema said that if a permanent structure were built, it would protect the goods from all weather. “Initially, we covered our goods with tarpaulin sheets. After we return, we can have compartments to lock.”

Another vendor, Tashi, said that sanitation was a challenge facing the vendors for a long time. While the protocol required distancing and cleanliness, he said that the place lacks facilities and space.

The new compartments will also have a public toilet.

Municipal engineer Ugyen Eden said, although Tshongdue would temporarily house the vegetable market, she said that the market place would be well organised with proper spacing and arrangements.

She added that the current market place at Tshongdue was crowded and was mounted with wastes. “We expect the work to complete within 45 days.”

The new market place located near the Moenlam Chenmo ground is being constructed but it is expected to take at least two more years.